From finishing touches to assembly.

In addition to the actual sheet metal forming, Colsman also offers various processes for the further processing of formed metals.

Further processing

Formidable all along the production line.

Punching and cutting

Colsman's finishing capabilities include die cutting, nibbling and lasering.

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Machining finishing

Turning and milling are machining processes that Colsman uses for the further processing of metals.

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Joining operations

Colsman applies various joining operations for the further processing of metals: Spot and laser welding, MIG, MAG and TIG welding, and gluing.

Surface treatment

The quenching and tempering of metallic surfaces is not only for aesthetic reasons, but also affects the longevity of the formed components.


Perfectly mounted,
Perfection guaranteed.

If desired, Colsman can also take over the assembly of entire subassemblies in addition to further processing.

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