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Spinning is a proven process in metal forming in which workpieces are formed by applying great pressure. A movable punch and a stationary die are used for this purpose, into which the raw material is clamped. The cold forming process is particularly suitable for the rapid production of demanding hollow parts in large quantities that have a very low thickness. These are sometimes used in the automotive and electrical industries as well as in mechanical engineering and medical technology.

Stability made to measure. 

The advantage of spinning in metal forming lies primarily in the high precision and accuracy that can be achieved with this process. Compared to other forming processes, such as rolling or forging, spinning achieves better surface quality, more accurate dimensions, and stronger dimensional stability. Because of these properties, spinning is particularly well suited for the production of thin-walled, rotationally symmetrical shapes. In addition, material utilization in this process is extremely efficient, as the raw material is extremely precisely dimensioned with the pressure, resulting in only small amounts of material waste.

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