Shaped with all water.

Molds with 1A quality.

Hydroforming is an innovative process in metal forming in which workpieces are brought into the desired shape with the aid of water pressure. The cost-optimized process offers immense design options and guarantees perfect surfaces at the same time. Unlike conventional processes, which use punches and dies, hydroforming uses water pressure to produce precise three-dimensional shapes.

Makes the unusual simple.

The cold-forming technology is particularly suitable for the production of lightweight, resistant hollow bodies used, for example, in the automotive industry or medical technology.  

Hydroforming offers numerous advantages when forming metals: With the use of advanced technology, tooling costs are significantly reduced as only one part-specific tool half is required. In addition, hydroforming enables the most complex geometries to be formed with a minimum of operations, which favors higher volumes in shorter production times. In addition, the process offers significantly more flexibility in component design, as even unusual shapes can be produced simply. And since there are no interfering mold contacts, hydroforming also ensures excellent surface quality at all times.

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