To make it fit, it is made to fit.

Fits exactly due to precision-fit tooling.

Precise tooling plays a crucial role in metal forming. In terms of a flawless end product, there is no room for average quality let alone tolerances. The component fits precisely through accurately fitting tooling.

Flexible. Failsafe. 

Colsman understands how important tooling is to the production processes in order to deliver first class results. We are also aware of the complexity and demanding task involved in manufacturing these tools. That's why we use the latest technologies and advanced processes to ensure that our tools have the highest level of precision.

An in-house tool shop, as Colsman calls its own, offers numerous advantages in metal forming. We can quickly and flexibly adapt the tool to the needs of the job and, if necessary, repair it just as quickly, which reduces downtime to a minimum. If, on the other hand, the tooling is made by an external manufacturer, the time delay already starts with the cumbersome communication and ends with the delayed delivery.

We also perform on the phone.

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