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The right partner for custom-fit products: The Colsman Company stands for fully developed competence in metal forming. In view of our many years of experience in sheet metal processing and through the use of state-of-the-art technologies, we realize all deep drawing and spinning processes with precision in top form.



The innovation in metal forming. The high-quality process leaves many design options and creates perfect surfaces.

Forming processes

One, two, three:


Complex molds with high strength and large surfaces. Cost-effective and quickly produced in large quantities.

Deep draw me.


Demanding geometries of rotationally symmetrical, thin-walled parts. High volumes, fast production, low costs.

Press me.


Lightweight, resistant hollow bodies with very complex design. Low scrap, as material is evenly distributed by water pressure.

Form me.

Draw for you soon.

At Colsman you can be who you really are. The only thing that matters to us is that you put your all into your work.

Career at Colsman
Further processing

Formidable all along the production line.

Colsman performance ranges from product development and prototype construction to series production, post-processing, surface finishing and component assembly. Rounded off by high flexibility, clever logistics and meticulous quality assurance, we always ensure formidable end results - whether for small, medium or large quantities.

Component optimization 
and simulation

Colsman supports you as a development partner in perfecting your components. Our FEM simulation program allows us to evaluate the module design of your components in terms of manufacturing technology and to optimize it if necessary. In this way, we not only guarantee the ideal implementation of your requirements, but also find the most economically viable method for manufacturing your components. If desired, we can even take over the complete design.

Assembly and logistics

Comprehensive Colsman performance includes not only component assembly, but also the global procurement of other components required for your component. In addition, we take over the complete logistics, if desired. In the meantime, Colsman has become a system supplier for many customers from a wide range of industries. From contract manufacturing to demand-synchronized production in the customer's own packaging, we map all conceivable procurement strategies of our order givers.

Toolmaking, sampling and series production

Based on the simulation results, we now create the complete process planning, which includes the tool design. With our in-house tool and prototype construction, we guarantee a self-contained production chain that enables high flexibility and short lead times. Sampling at Colsman is carried out according to DIN 9001 or VDA/PPAP. We measure samples and series parts with the help of our 3D measuring system. Our ERP system including PPS and batch management ensures the traceability of each individual component during this process.


Colsman, in addition to its main metal forming activity, also offers the so-called Forming Plus program, which seamlessly integrates with the forming processes and includes various post-processing steps.

Punching and cutting operations
Punching, nibbling, lasering

Turning, milling

Joining operations
Spot welding, gluing, MIG, MAG, TIG welding, laser welding

Surface finishing
Grinding, polishing, anodizing, powder coating, painting, barrel finishing, e-polishing, blasting


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